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I am a small breeder of Yorkshire Terries. All my puppies are home raised. I have 21 yorkies which are all staying inside the house I don't have kennels for them, they have their own room (previously my dining rooom) where they lounge like kings and queens and all the babies are rased between all of them, so they are well socialised with other animals by the time they go to their adopted homes. I don't breed small "tea-cup" or pocket size puppies all my puppies average size are between 1.8-3kg standard size yorkies. I have one female that gives puppies bigger than average yorkies between 3-5kg. I also have chocolate yorkies where I do get chocolate colour babies. All my puppies will be KUSA registered. I don't breed with all my yorkies some of them are babies from previous litters and are neutered or spayed as I don't believe in breeding of any animal the risk for defects are much too high.

I am assisting all my females while giving birth and help with feeding if needed, they do have my constant attention while they are young so they are also used to human contact as well, and I give them lots of love just because one cannot resist not to cuddle and love a yorkie.











Santie Viljoen
Mobile: 072 294 5169
KUSA Reg no: 181060
Mpumalanga, South Africa
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